Print Quality

My Artwork

When ordering prints, A1, A2 and A3 represents the size of the paper and the artwork is typically 25mm within that to give the pieces space.


A picture mount is the card insert that surrounds your artwork in the frame – We have discovered it can be unnecessarily difficult to get the right size mount.

The aperture (the area that has been cut out) should be the size of the artwork ‘plus’ a few millimetres to stop the artwork falling out. Typically 4mm all the way around. So if you order an A3 mount, the aperture will be slightly smaller than 420mm x 297mm (you won’t need to specify this, they just make it slightly smaller).

The outside measurement of the mount entirely depends on the size of your frame.

If you order an A2 frame with mount for an A3 picture, the outsider measurement will be A2 but the aperture will be slightly smaller than an A3 so it fits perfectly.

What if you don’t want any of the white art paper to show?

My artwork is typically painted within a 25mm of the paper size (Please see ‘My Artwork’ above). If you do not want to see this then the aperture of any size mount should be the size of the artwork (A1,2,3) minus* 50mm for height and width (i.e. 25mm all the way round).

*Minus. By telling the makers the artwork is smaller by 50mm height and width, the aperture will be smaller thus covering the 25mm white border all the way round.


An ‘A3’ frame will fit ‘A3’ artwork but have in mind if it is mounted, your mount may obscure a lot of the outside of the artwork so get a narrow mount. Alternatively get a bigger frame such as an A2 (with a mount to fit an A3).

If you want it unmounted then A3 for an A3 or A2 for an A2 is perfect. Please have in mind however the end finish will be much nicer mounted!

As a guide – I just want a frame with a mount:

An A2 frame with a mount to fit an A3 would fit A3 artwork

An A1 frame with a mount to fit an A2 would fit A2 artwork

An A0 frame with a mount to fit an A1 would fit A1 artwork

** The illustration doesn’t show the border on my artwork – please see “My Artwork” above.

A3 in A2 frame
A2 frame with an A3 mount for an A3 artwork**